Thursday, 27 May 2010

Gear Of War 2 MEGA DEAL

Epic the makers of Gears Of War are doing a Special Triple XP and DLC Price Drop on all Maps at May 27th till June 1st so Get your Lancers Gears Gears Gears Of War, Gears Gears Gears Of War It's Gears Gears Gears Of War If You Have a Spare 800MSP and want 19 Maps for that Price look no other Then Gears Of War 2 Come On are you that Stupid to buy 5 Maps for 1200MSP For MW2 WROOOOOOOONG Go Out get Gears Of War 2 for £13 at GAME or Gamestation Get MSP and have a Blast with a Lancer because I bet Your Ass You will have Fun with 19 Maps... STOP PLAYING COCK OF DUCKY MOTHERFUCKING CRYWARE 2 AND GET ON GEARS OF WAR 2 BITCHZ

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