Saturday, 1 May 2010

May Update 0.1

Well April was Fun Saving and trying to not Spend on Cheap Games lolz.... Now it's May.... Now theirs NM in May I would like to get other then Skate 3 well their is Lost Planet 2 and Blur but Im not kin on them Games so it gives Me a Chance to get other Games like Heavy Rain witch in good timing Because My Blockbusters is doing a 50% Sale on Preownd Games.... also pick up Eye Pet for £10 while the Gamestation Spring Sales are still on and Im back at work so will be Getting my Job Pay and that will be a BONUS also for the Super Steert Fighter IV Fad going about and would like to get better on Fighter games and Play with my Youtube Friends so I would like to pick up a Fightpad.... Because My HMV was doing lots of Stocks of them Fightpads so I would mind picking one up because as a 360 Person I know that most fighting fans on 360 have Dpad problems on the 360 so I might get a Fightpad also the Fightpads are Rare in the US so I would pick one up while they are still around

So ya That May for now on what I would like to get Thanks for Reading

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