Monday, 17 May 2010

May Update 0.2 Spending Day + Final Things

Sorry for NM Posts on My Site didn't know what much to put

So Here is a Update on what I'll been Buying... so as you can see *Video Above* I gotten some Good Deals and not spend much Money because at the End I didn't wanted to get Skate 3 and most of My Skating Friends in Grimsby says it's the same Game anyways but most ppl that didn't get Stake 2 can try Skate 3 for New Comers to the Series but overall Im not getting Stake 3 and I'll got more of what I'll Bargained For

So I have a Spare £20 This Friday I could see if there is any Deals in Blockbuster's Deal Of The Week on the Following Week on Saturday or I could get a £20 PSN Card because I'll not got Much DLC on My PS3then My Xbox 360 and sould get some PSN Titles Like Fat Princesses, Digger, etc and I would like Tetirs on PSMinis but will see if I could be Assed

Now the Last thing I would like to Say is at May 28th and June 4th I will be putting Money together to Get Super Mario Galaxy 2 just one of Them Wii Titles I must get for my Wii or My Nintnedo Fans on My Youtube Page will kill me lolz I'll NM Played the 1st one but will be getting the Sequel and I will be doing a Unboxing and Gameplay for you Guys Shame I work on Fridays and Makes the Video mostly Rushed to get it on Youtube before other ppl but My New Mario Bros Wii Did well on Veiws Hopfuly this would Do Good Because Im not Getting much ppl viewing as of Now =/Sadly to say after doing hard working content on Youtube

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