Thursday, 24 June 2010

Are You Getting The Xbox 360 (Slim)???

Xbox 360 Slim

I've been getting ppl asking "Are you getting a Xbox 360 (Slim)????? Stevie and Doing a Unboxing" TBH I've not got the dosh to get one =/ would like one..... sure I can trade in My 360 to get it for £99 but I need My 360 to transfer my gamertag License so I be able to use My Content offline because I don't want to waste 2 Years of Xbox Live content and can't be use offline on the Slim without my gamertag license..... sure you can "Recover" it but you can't use the contnet because you have to..... also transfer the gamertag License because if you don't have the Gamertag license you have to put the Xbox on Xbox Live 24/7 to use the Content you got it's because of Copyright Laws you see hope you understand why I can't at this time but maybe in the future when my Xbox is Half Dead enough to transfer my gamertag license at the Mo the 360 is having Disc Drive Sounds like nails on a chalkboard but it runs ok but give it a a year or 2 in the future END OF STORY..... TBH sure Im a Fan of Xbox 360 but I just don't have the Money and Time at the mo

Don't Buy Kinect Stevie

also on Subject on Xbox 360 Slim from E3 2010 is Kinect now with Me and Kinect it's a Lazy boys Dream by that I mean I would pay £100 for a Big Sensor Bar not because of the Casual but manly for to chat on Xbox Live Party using Kinect..... sure it's a waste of Money but if I get a Nice some of Job Pay at work then it's like having a Treat once and a while sure I could get Playstation Move witch is just £40 for the "PlayStation Move Motion Controller" but maybe when Sorcery comes out I would but Playstation Move for That Game..... but the point is is your not in control on what Im buying it's what I want to buy that I like not for what everybody says about Kinect or Move..... but if I make the Money then I'll buy both to try


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