Wednesday, 2 June 2010

June Update 0.1

Here is my June Update.... So this Month I'll ge getting Mario Galaxy 2 and Im Saving £50 Hopefully in Time because Im putting £30 for the Game also £5 Off with My GAME Card and the Bonus I Preodered It so I will be getting the Money Tin.... Im also trying to get the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Official Collectors Guide (Hardcover) that will be Awesome because I'll seen it on Tail86's Opening of Super Mario Galaxy 2 and When I saw the Super Mario Galaxy 2 Official Collectors Guide in a Hardcover I Must Have It it looks stunning.... So I will be Doing a Specal Unboxing and Hope to fit 2 Items with some Gameplay it's going to be That Awesome and Hoping ppl to View it after the LAME ppl Not Veiwing My Videos.... Sorry Ranting Again ¬¬ Anywho after I'll Done the Mario Bonanza and E3 Done and Dusted I would like to Catch Up and Grab a Copy of ModNation Racers and can get it really cheap for like £25 ish because I got My Tesco Club Card Vouchers and got 8 QUID so why not put it for a Game so Why not ModNation Racers sure I got Red Dead but after Diifii saying how good it is plus enjoying the Beta I should get it for the PS3 because of My Lack on PS3 Games.... well I could get it on PSP because They are doing a thing where you can buy the UMD Copy and inside it is a Code for a Digital Copy and would do a Give Away Video als can get it for £19 in Tesco but the Game on PSP is Ok but most ppl don't like the PSP One I kind of Like it when I played the Demo but will see.... Also on the Note Will See if I get any Job Pay This Month because if I do that will be a BONUS

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