Saturday, 12 June 2010

June Update 0.2 ModNation Guerrilla Jim

After buying Super Mario Galaxy 2 and have NM to do in June I might get ModNation Racers because I was meaning to get that Game in May but ppl are Like "Stevie Red Dead is the BEST GAME EVEEEEEER" so I use that Money in May to get one of the Launch games at the end of May so I give in to Red Dead manly because they had a Deal to get 800MSP with the Game and I Can't give in on that Deal so I got Red Dead..... So Now I have a Chance to get Modnation Racers because I loved the Beta and how it's like Little Big Planet Mixed with Mario Kart so I will be Getting it Now also I can get £8 Off Thanks to my Tesco Club Vouchers and buy it in Tesco..... I don't Know why But I would like to try out Red Faction Guerrilla hmmmmm well I didn't like the Demo but most of My Friends said the Demo Sucked also My Friends said it's a Good Game and to top that of you can get it really Cheap for £10 in GAME and Gamestation and I have a Spear £10 so I'll pick it Up.... also I need Microsoft Ponits sure I would Buy PSN Credit but theirs are Big Deals that are Happening at June 16th till June 22nd because of E3 on Xbox Live Titles like Castle Crashers, Banjo Tooie and Braid Full List HERE but the One Game I want is Portal (XBLA) sure I got Portal on the Orange Box but I just would ike it on XLBA sure I got it for Free on the PC but I would like Portal on XBLA... also I would like to get Earthworm Jim HD on XBLA because I got it for my iPod Touch for 59p in a Sale and it's ok also tryed the Trail on XBLA and then My Friend Turtle Bird has a Awesome Avatar Award and Now I would like Earthworm Jim HD XD call me a Sucker but I *Heart* Avatar Awards lolz

Also at the Last Week of June I need to Save up for Crackdown 2 before July 9th with I plan for in 2 Week because I need £20 at the End of June and £20 at the Start of July then Im all Set before Launch

So ya bit of a Big Update sorry for the Long Talk but thats what I'll be doing for the rest of June hope you Been Updated =]

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