Wednesday, 14 July 2010

July Update 0.2 Saving

Hey guys sorry I've not been posting stuff on My Site been... Lazy =/

Anyways here's a July Update so far as you know on My Vlogz I pick up Crackdown 2 and 3 DS Titles also I'll been Saving up Lately for a few weeks and I got £100 Saved up because I save you £50 and I still have Job Pay from My Last pay and have £50 as well so I have £100 save up doesn't mean Im saving some thing big like a Xbox 360 Slim...... seriously Im not getting a Xbox 360 Slim and cut with that crap because been getting lots of ppl saying that ¬¬.... *Sigh* Anyways the reason Im saving up is because there are Notting I would like to get "Gaming" I would like to get mainly because the big Game Titles are in September and November.... but if I see a Bargain I'll let you know on My Vlogz

so ya Small Update and I'll try and not be Lazy on My Site lolz

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