Tuesday, 27 July 2010

New Argos Catalogue And Items I Would Like

Got the New Argos Catalogue to see what Ne Items and Price Cuts they made for Autumn/Winter 2010 and some cool New stuff on Tech and Games sadly not Selling iPhones

But 2 Items catch My Eye witch are The Turtle Beach Earforce XLC and the Official Xbox 360 Flash Drive both at £25 Each in Argos

Turtle Beach Earforce XLC:
I'll been meaning to get a High Quality Head Set for Games like Left 4 Dead 2, Halo Reach and BFBC2 Ect but the Turtle Beach Headsets are Like £50-£100 but in Argos there is a Cheap Value for £25 witch dose the Same ish Quality and Features then the £50-£100 Ones and I've seen Reviews on Youtube and it sounds Good for the Value of it's Price

Official Xbox 360 Flash Drive:
£25 is alot for a 8GB Flash Drive but that's Microsoft for Yous and I would like one sure 8GB is not enough but I do have a 4GB Flash Drvie and 2 Official Xbox 360 Memory Units (One 64MB and 562MB) but would be nice to have a 8GB for the Xbox 360 sure it's Pricey but it Come with a 1 Month Gold Card by this One Unboxing Video I'll seen on Youtube and it was terrible Opening it with one Hand and putting the Camera Down I can do a Better job then That ¬¬ witch you Guys know Im good with Unboxings

I would like them items for My Xbox 360 but as you know Im Saving but Maybe if I get enough Money from My Mum and Dad I'll see at the Time to pick them up also keep you posted if I do


Fred said...
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Lilei said...

It seems a little expensive to own an original headset....

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