Monday, 13 October 2008

Info On My College Work + A GTAIV Tip (BTW I'm Board At College lolz)

lolz Borad (at college) XD XD i'm making a website on Achievements on ur 1st 1000g (not avtiar lolz ur cheap as chips ppl XD) but for a site to get ur 1st 1000g by playing good games =D like GTAIV, GH3 and COD4.... ok ok Halo 3 too XD. this is for my college work witch is cooooool.... lolz just to let u guys know also i'll got a business Unit to do too lolz -___- not fun (well dose not help me on my job.... waste of a unit)
GTAIV Tip (BTW from my work lolz):
The “One Man Army” achievement has a tip, this achievement is a really hard one for Grand Theft Auto IV the achievement is to survive a 6 star wanted level for 5mins now that can be really hard for none gamers to pull it off. But there is a tip you can cheat and spawn a helicopter and go to the next island and get a 6 star wanted level (because you not unlocked the islands) and just fly around for 5mins then land and you got the achievement so the point is that some achievement look hard but can be easy.

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