Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Site Update + Info On Call Of Duty: World At War

Site Update:
OK this update as u can see on the top of the page (with my HTML skillz =P) I added a blog tv so you can watch and read =D lolz. also put in a AD well..... you guys know I like GAME....station lolz so i'll a Gamestation AD and it looks cool and u can click ^^ SO FUN lolz
Call Of Duty: World At War

WOW it's like the world of COD3 mixed with the engnie and gameplay of COD4 @_@


atfer likeing COD4...... now CODWW I will really like it's like feeling at home on COD4 but in a WW2 Thing-Mo-Bob in COD3 and enjoying the gameplay =D I like this after watching BETA videos like Pyropuncher's Video ^^

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