Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Dave WOWing + Fainl Xmas Updates

Dave is back on playing WOW... well dave is doing that on nights and he said I can have the net all moring but if he slips and does a allday and allllllllllnight then u know why im not online on xbox and the internet lolz
BTW I don't think Dave is going to his mums for xmas too many alnighters lolz
Merry Xmas From the Stevie T Site =D
BTw I Might ask my mum to go online for 10-30mins on a low Wi-fi bar on my mums laptot TBH she was going to get one of them USB Modam thingy stick lolz o well XD XD
I'll be back at DEC 27th =D see ya Guys

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