Thursday, 25 December 2008

Wallace And Gromit + At Mums Still

Hey guys just to say awsome W&G episode after the last 30min episode "A Close Slave" it was aswome and at the ned was good beteen the friendship *wink wink* was puppy love at the end make me miss Laura more and the albme covers make me lolz like McFelas lololololololololz

anyways still at mums (still on low wi-fi lolz) and molly can play on GH3 with a xbox contorller of couse lolz so I will be back at 27th also I got £10 from my Nan today and have ££45 in my wallet =D so hope u guys have a nice xmas I don't think NM ppl would look at this now because of xmas lolz o well XD XD XD XD see ya

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