Saturday, 13 June 2009

June Update 0.3 (Final)

June 26th

Before July 1st

Because I need Gold and it's time for to get a Year one and a 1 month in case Dave, Laura and Anyone needs the 1 month Gold (no YTerz for that thank you)

Just to let you know Dave has [Prototype] and It's a really good game Dave played it for Hours when he got it on Friday after 12:00pm in the afternoon wouth trying out.... also This saturday I seen Ape Escape P for £8 in Gamestation witch is really rare to find in Grimsby I dunno if anyone can find it Im just saying

Job Money.....

still got no Job money but I would like to get Punch Out and.... My GF Laura was playing Rock Band Unplugged on my PSP (the Demo) and I got into it to and Daves getting it at June 19th I dunno if I sould get it it for all of us XD....

ya thats the Final update for June stay tune for July Update....

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