Monday, 15 June 2009

Jesus FTW

I Know Im in bujet but Jesus (Aron) one of my friends needed money for booze again XD and he was selling Fry Cry 2 for £5 o_O how could I say no to that XD so I ask mum if I can have £25 next week so I can still have 2 £20 and still keep £20 so I not have £5 gone so it's £15 this week and it's still £20... I know consfing to say it in words lolz so my mum says yes and I got Far Cry 2 and with still get GH (check June update page down)


this is Jesus but this a old photo and Jesus has no hair at the mo lolz so we call him on the Net "Bold Jesus" but in a few month he be good old Jesus again XD

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