Sunday, 19 July 2009

Bargin-Man Strikes Again + New Phone


Wow Bargins again olny Because it's the Argos catalog ending Sale and wot a Sale =D we got....

  • Buzz Quiz (PSP) £3
  • Traurma Center - New Blood (Wii) £5
  • Cooking Guide (DS) £8
  • Pikmin (Wii) £10
  • Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box (Xbox 360) £10
  • Zelda Phantom Hour Glass (DS) £10
  • C&C Red Alert 3 (Xbox 360) £15
  • Wario Land Shake (Wii) £16.30
  • Roack Band Drums No Game (Wii) £30

If I can I'll see to get one of them =D

Ok Phone I got a NEW phone my Moto RED was getting old anyways -__-" so I got a New it's a Samsung C3050 cost me £30 but need to put credit -__-" so it's £40 lolz but it's looks nice and BTW ithas the same nummber so ppl can still call me ^-^ lolz

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Ellis said...

It is an interesting post!! Love to see your new phone!! I'm too thinking about picking up a new phone!!