Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I Facebooked Your Life + Xbox Dashboard

OMG I was only got a Facebook for mainly for Xbox 360 (I was a Myspace You see) and I got druged if I like to call it on Facebook lolz I Love Facebook I could not be Assed with Myspace because 1)they are losing money 2)NM ppl every talk to me in my aera 3) Myspace stuff is never coming to consoles/handhelds

My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/steviet7

Their Is a New Dashboard Update Coming At August 11th and has a few new stuff but not Facebook, Twitter and Last FM.... but I can't wait for Avter Martket Place =D

Bring NEW GAMES Make it like Steam -___-" More money Mircosoft

Meh on Rating but Castle Crashers rule anyday lolz

I WANT A GEARS HOODY lolz Plus Laura still has my Hoody after a Rain thing u know.... Boy cares for Girl not gettting wet and sacrifice his Hoody.... and she still owns me my Hoody back lolz but I still love her lolz

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