Saturday, 4 July 2009

July Update 0.2 + Netgears


As you can see I have a Netgear.... the one on the Left I'll been using Me and Daves Friend Sean's Netgear for 3 Days (on my Tweets) because of our Net Speed got upgraded so I went out and found a Netgear same as Seans for £10 in Cash Conveters.... Well £5 Dave is putting £5 for it lolz and I have £15 this week I was going to get The Eye Of Judgment for £20 this week but I needed £10 for saving £50 for Wii Sports Resort so ya.... really plezed to get net sorted so me and Dave don't get mad with each other lolz BTW we got 2 Xbox 360z (Mine and Daves) and the net running on one rotter not lag.... ish lolz it's awsome

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