Monday, 6 July 2009

Little Update + Laura


Ok I had £20 and put £5 for Netgear also Dave not put £5 for netgear yet -__-" and putting £10 for Wii Sports Resort in case it's £50 not £40 so I had £5 spare cash so I got Dark Sector for £5 I know it's says £8 but their was a case that said £5 lolz also My Gamestation is doing Game Mannuls with Disc with no Case.... like King Kong 360 for 99p and others like Halo 3 £8, GRAW £2 and other I can't think of so ya.... Also Dave is Getting Bionic Commando (2009) his been playing the Muitplayer Demo.... and BTW Me, Dave and Steve are on 24/7 ish on Xbox Live we got 3 Xboxz running on Netgear and the Computer too XD and P.S. 1 VS 100 Beta coming on Friday woooo Can't wait


as u know Laura Left College and it's getting hard for me not seening her it's ok just getting use to Im nomaly see her in college but I'll get over it it's a long distance relsonship now not saing I could travel just my mum has free petorl for my 2nd step dads (Kym's) work sh*t and I could ask my mum to drive to her but she could not be assed and Laura's family is a tight bujet u see on pertol and food and stuff not saying shes poor just u know don't want to be a bad person to Laura's family also specking of long distance Relsonship Storm from Stormdainproduction I comment on is Channel about my long distance Relsonship with Laura and he comment on my Channel sayed "My current girlfriend is actually a 7 hour drive away, which is completely lame" and I said back "7 hours o_O wow.... that is lame =/ oh well we got the power of the internet to keep in touch but it's not the same -___- lolz" ok rapping on lolz

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