Saturday, 15 August 2009

August 0.3 Update


Im still saving for the Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition I got £40/60 but lucky my mum got me 2100MSP Because I did good work on Babysitting =D So.... I got my Rosie Big Daddy Helmet, Lightsaber And MY VANS (AKA Gears Shoes) and Have 1200MSP on A Rain day but will be getting more on my B-Day

Speaking About My B-Day......

I tort I was going to get £40 from my mum it turns out my mum is let me have £50 so.... Well... I found Pototype for £32 in HMV (Perowed) so that lefts me with £18 so I can get 2100MSP =D

and Also if I get £40 from my Dad then I'll get Rock Band 2 Still

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