Monday, 17 August 2009

Game Of The Year (A Rant) + At Night + Thursday


Game of the Year Edtion ya..... well it's a good thing for ppl like don't have the DLC or Added content on to One Disc but.... it piss ppl like me that got the disc at Launch and buyed the added content and I could have got it on One disc and it save me Hard drive space (good thing I got a 120GB don't bother me) but still I don't see the ponit in Game of the Year Edtionz sure it's cheap for ppl that never played it and save pound but for ppl like me can get a little bit piss off

Where do I stay up late XD lolz well it's fun but I wake up at 12pm-1pm but Im not the only one Ray dose it to and this video (above) is what I did with Ray (Ir0nisland) ya I talk stupit at night lolz but was fun =D

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Speaking of Nights Laat Night I Played with SolidusGodzilla on Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and I was part of his Review witch was cool My bit is at 06:30 Enjoy

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Ok This Thursday Im going to Babysit my Sister again so will be on the good old Netbook so won't be online much.... just saying also I seen RE5 for £15 for a Deal of the Week in my local Blockbusters D= I might ask my mum for a Extra £15 will see =D

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