Tuesday, 18 August 2009

PS3 Slim And Firmware 3.00

WTF theirs a PS3 Silm and I tort it was a bad rommor but it's ture at GamesCom a few hours ago (Witch I never know about n00b me lolz) but I just got my PS3 just this year for £180 and my PS3 is doing a Happy Face and wants me to trard it in at launch but saldy no my £180 Im keeping you lolz unless you break but other then that my friend adam said it was going to be cheaper then the other one like £250 witch its a not bad deal for ppl that not owned a PS3 I like to top it off then a Xbox 360 Arcade for £130 XD will never happen XD

Theres a Firmware 3.00 and it's Hmmmmmmm Ok I feel like doing a parody and and the Firmware 3.00 comes at Sep 1st for PS3

Also PSN Cards Are Comin to the UK =D awsome I can get Fat Princess

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