Saturday, 17 October 2009

Bad News And Good News

Bad News

Well Cam Came to My house to play Runscape a nomal thing untill Cam found out My computer was slow and found nubmer of Updates need to be Added so I let him... In my Head I was thinking to a Video I Watch about a Updated Crashing Computers (Video Below) Because I Never Update my Vista Unless the Shutdown Button Told too (if you know what I Mean on Vista)
Good News

Well....Im still alive on the internetz but just No Videos for a while and Gives me a Good Break on making Videos Because Theirs NM Videos to do... also gives a Chance toget a New Computer because my Small Tower was 4-5 Years old anyways... I'll be on My Netbook, Ipod Touch, Xbox Live and PS3 just No Big Computer Luckly Cam I got Wi-Fi Going so ya... also got Resistance 2 Because My Sister did well on Her Parents Evening and She got a DVD and my Mum said I can have something for 13quid Luckly I seen Resistance 2 in a Gamestation Preownd Deal of The Week Thing (Witch I Didn't Know About) so Im still Happy with out the Big Computer just no Videos o well.... so see ya for a while

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