Sunday, 18 October 2009

Update About The Computer


Hey guys just to update About the Computer so far I was going to Get the Computer Fixed or a New one but If I get a New one I would like a XP because Im getting sick and Tired of Vista Im not saying bad things on Vista it just it's glitchly and to many Updates but In my Area I couldn't find a XP..... But luckly I went to Comet (Because I was looking to get some Apple Headphones) and found One Desktop with XP (Photo above) now the Spaces on this is kind of the Same just has more RAM but less of a Grafice Card.... Has a 1GB of Memory 160GB Hard Drive Plays CDS/DVDS no Burner and Card Reader also USB ports so it's a stranded Computer then My other one His the Link

It's a good Price and my Mum kind of Likes it but I not got a Yes or No so it might be a maybe but at the End of the Day I got Lots for money for Future Items like a Car, Mopad or a Bike... But for that price for a Computer for a year or two would do untill My Mum might get me a better computer when My Saving Gorw abit in the Future at my Bank.... so ya just a Update for you guys Because Im getting sick and tired of using the netbook I don't want that to die to also would love to do some Videos I got some Ideas in the work and some Ipod Videos for Once anywho rabbing one see ya Guys


Fred said...

You could pull the graphics card and cd/dvd burner from your vista

Anonymous said...

suicidal over a computer *sigh*

Adam said...

just seen your twitter,wow selfish cunt you won't even go and see your girlfriend.well don't be crying in your pillow when she dumps you!.

Anonymous said...

your so bloody selfish!!!. you can travel you just don't want to. if you truthfully loved laura you would travel any length to see her.

you know what to do.

Anonymous said...

lol, i'm gonna ring up microsoft and complain about your account