Thursday, 12 November 2009

Money Money Not In A Rich Mans World

It's Lauras B-Day at Nov 14th but I dunno wot to get her and Knowing me I want to make her spaical like I did last year when I got her a PSP with a Game.... But Im trying to get some GHWT Drums that are Preowned at Gamestation for £20 for Wii and 360 also a GH Game with it would make to £45 but sadly Im £5 short but Lucky Cam would lend me £5 but I hate paying ppl Back because their are other stuff I need..... Like the GHWT Drums again but for my 360 for me but Im going to Take the Bullet and get Laura the GHWT Drums for the Wii for her B-Day so if you See in your Local Gamestation try and Grab or Ask for the GHWT Durm for £20 also they do GHWT Guitars for £15 but that's a Plan B if I don't get the Drums for the Wii


If you not hear the News that Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter have been around some UK supermarket stores for £49 but sadly I can Get a Wi-Fi add on it costs too Much (Knowing Microsoft) I need one for My House because As You know I made a Games Room in the Small room would be Handy.... It's just I Hate Nagging My Mum for Money out of My Bank and Im trying to Save for the Future =/ it's hard beening a Aduit but that Life it's Because I have to Live on the £40 a week for Food and Games Im sometimes aloud to Ask Money my Bank but like I said hate Nagging My Mum


Nov 20th there are 3 Games I would like but can Save up for one =/

So ya Im having Money Problems but Im also worry on Next Weeks =/
  • Mon 16th - CV (Look for Blue Pack) and Inteview at 2:00pm
  • Tuse 17th - none
  • Wedns 18th - Frist Steps 10am (New Work)
  • Thus 19th - none
  • Fri 20th - Work at Weesbly 9am Lynne (My Job in New Time)
So Im going to have a Long Week Next but that Life as a Audit..... I'll be fine just Need to get use to it and not get Upset (Bevile me I do Cry at stuff Like this at real life =[ ) so ya just a Long Update save me doing a Vlog lolz I don't think much ppl look at my Site now ={ also to say that The New 360 Update with Twitter, Facebook, Last .FM and Zune is coming to all 360 units at Nov 17th


Nick! said...

i read your blog posts steven!

Anonymous said...

what did you get your girlfriend??????