Tuesday, 17 November 2009

November Update 0.2

Im pleased that I got the Harden Edition of MW2 shame I didn't get it for like £45 in supermarkets but o well I had a good Midnight Launch at the end of the Week


Mario Mario Mario.... Now I just love Mario when I was a kid and still am just.... 360 sometime lolz anywho the point is that I would love to get this Game at Nov 20th...... But Im deaponited in Myself for not Playing Much on New Mario Bro DS ¬_¬ just I never get a Spare £20-£30 to get that game..... But I only played it on my Sisters R4 and it's a good Game on the DS and I have the Mario DS Holder witch is awsome to have But would like New Mario Bros DS to go with it

The 4 Player Co-Op will be fun with
Me and My Sister also a Friend or two to play this game just pure Fun

Also speaking of Mario in Gamestation and Videos on Youtube there has been Them Mario Mushroom Candys for £2.50 at Gamestation.... Now I will get this with the Game on Launch to make My Unboxing Video Special that a Disc and Manual but it look nice to go with your other Mario stuff like the DS Holder


Now on Nov 20th I will be Getting LBP on the PSP a day after Mario comes out because the shops with be shut when I get my next £20 at Nov 20th.... Also at Nov 27th I will Need MSP because theirs things I need Like the DJ Hero Mix 1 and DJ Hero Avatar stuff also the Peggle Nights DLC for Peggle when That comes out at Nov 18th... but Maybe I'll get More MSP, PSN and Itunes Card at Xmas I'll see


Speeking of Xmas just to say that I ask my mum to Pick up a Gaming Chair I seen on a TV AD thats In Argos and Boy not bad for £20 for a Standard Chair with no Plug ins Fold up Chair..... it's nice and Small it's Like my Big Lazy Boy Chair I own but Smaller and Less Heavy moving about... My Mum said I can have it for Xmas and she got the Last One in Grimsby and it will go nice in the Gaming room..... also to say that I dunno wot to get for Xmas this year =/ Mostly a few Games and Points

Phew Long update stay tune for December Update

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Anonymous said...

stevie your blogs are awesome!. its good to see somebody loves games as much as me :)