Thursday, 31 December 2009

Best Bits of Stevie T 2009

Over 21k Gamersoure
Gotz Wi-Fi and 10MB Net Speed
Gotz a PS3 (02/5/09)
Beening 21 Years Old (24/08/09)
My Computer Died (17/10/09)
My New PC Runs Faster and Plays Viva Pinata (22/10/09)
Gotten Fatter =/
Losing Friends
ReTweeted By Blunty3000 On Twitter
My Samsung Phone Made A Hit On Youtube
Having a Aduit Moving In My House (No Dave Had Issies)
Came Close Friends with Adam Rose
Gotz a Dazzle (23/05/09)
the Other Adam is Not My Friend No More (23/05/09)
Know How to Make HD Videos... ish (05/09/09)
Gotz 2000 SUBz On Youtube (21/09/09)
Gotz Tons Of 360 Games This Year
Gotten Apply for partnership about 4 Times o_O
My MSN Is F**ked Up
Skype is My New MSN... ish
Been on Youtube for 3 Years
Trolls Here and There
Made up to 900 Videos

And Fainly You Guys =D

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