Tuesday, 5 January 2010

January Update 0.1

As you may have known by 2 of my New Videos in 2010 I have gotten Borderlands it's Keeped me you all Night till 4am o_O and bugged My sleep pattens.... it's like Fallout 3 with lots of Guns, Hard Challenges, good Grafices and the Best part 4 Player Online Co-Op Drop In/Drop Out with Friends

Hmmmmm Bayonetta still not sure to get it well I spent The first week's £20 money in 2010 on Boarderlands and won't save up in time at Jan 8th but still Im not sure to get it.... well there is a Very Easy Mode (Video below) and I could get it for that but as you know by My Demo Gameplay I didn't do all that well =/ .... but will see


Also needz to get something for Laura for our 2 Year Anniversary at Jan 31st but Me and Laura have falling out =/ Im sure when we Talk thinks out by Audio like Skype will be fine =] ..... hopefully =[

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