Thursday, 24 December 2009

Happy Holidays + Forza 3

Happy Holidays Everys one from STEVIE .T. FILMS hope you all get what you wanted also I won't be Online ish for Xmas but I'll Home on Saturday Dec 26th in the Afternoon and I will do a Vlog (Xmas) when I get Home and let you know what I'll got so stay tune for that


Check out my Vinyl work on Forza 3 took hours to make and if you added me as a Friend on Xbox Live and play Forza 3 you can Check and Buy My Vinyl for a small feed... also to say Forza 3 is not just a Racing game it can be a arty farty type game and post your Car Vinyls Online and make Money for buying Cars.... Just Forza 3 I spent Hours like Fallout 3, LBP, MW2 and Others I say it's a good Buy if you find it Cheap for £30 like I did worth Checking Out

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