Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Tinkerbell??????? NO NOT TINKERBELL... *sigh* this is Tinker as part of the Games For Windows Marketplace... abit of history Games For Windows is Like Xbox Live but for PC Users and TBH before I got a 360 I got into Games For Windows because I got Halo 2, Xbox Live Vision Cam, Wired 360 Controller and Wired Headset and the time when I was a Games For Windows User but I didn't had a Powerful PC at the Time.... Now that Games For Windows has a Marketplace you can get Full Games like SFIV, Batman, Fallout 3, Viva Pinata, Drit 2, RE5, Fuel, Shadowrun and Others by Credit Card or Microsoft Points.... and just Discovered That when you Download the Games For Windows Marketplace there's a Nice little Game Free FULL GAME Called "Tinker".... WTF is Tinker????? well My dear Follower Tinker is a little cute toy robot and you must control him trough really good Puzzles it's like Unblock Me on the Ipod Touch/Iphone but with a Cute Robot IT'S A GOOD GAME.... Now be your thinking where do I get this Free Game then????? frist you need a Xbox Live Account 2nd you need to Download the Games For Windows Marketplace by the Games For Windows www.gamesforwindows.com then Download it your done also to say as a 360 Owner it's Very Good for 360 User because you can use you Gamertag and Play Tinker and you get Extra Gamerscoure because its a Games For Windows Game.... Try it

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