Sunday, 20 December 2009

Job Pay + Rock Band 2 *GULP*


Now as you may have Known I Haz my Job Pay and Since I haz got L4D2, Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter and 2100MSP Without Job Pay.... I Haz £130 to Spend so I tort of Getting Forza 3 (£30) and Rock Band 2 (£30)..... Now wait a min why you getting Rock Band 2 for £30 Why don't you get it Preowned?... Well My dear follower Rock Band 2 is Stupidity priced because it haz stupid amount of Songs and ya sure it have to be £30 for that but Preowned for £30-£40 for a Year now is Abit unfair on the Price but still it's worth £30 because of it's stupid amount of Songs... this is why I didn't get Rock Band 2 because of the Price all the time but will be getting that now also in future get all the Rock Band Games... Now call me a Guitar Hero Fan if you must but a few Months ago this year I have Played Rock Band 2 and it was awesome (Video Below).... Rock Band is abit better then Guitar Hero in my Opinion but I have not Own the Games that's why I'm more on Guitar Hero then Rock Band

But I'll be getting Rock Band 2..... Now I can't Spend my Job Pay because I'll got the Letter on Saturday but on the Worst time Because My Mum is on Holiday till Monday because as you Known My Mum is the Gatekeeper of My Moneyz so I can't Ask for My Moneyz when shes on Hoilday but when I do Get My Job Pay Moneyz I do a "Stevie T On A Xmas 2009 Spending Day =D" Video for you guys so you Know what I'll got

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