Sunday, 20 December 2009

Xbox Live's New Year Countdown


Xbox Live is having a New Year Coundown Everyday from Now till DEC 31st is a Specal Offer if it's Free or that Specal Price Cut KEEP A LOOK OUT so Far There was 2010 Avatar Glasses (Free), Worms 2 (400MSP) and just Today (Photo at the Top) is a New Year Theme for Free that used to be 240MSP so ya KEEEEEEP A LOOK OUT EVERYDAY their might be a Freebie of a Price Cut if you forgot and Has a Twitter (Because I Did lolz) Follow his the Best preson to be Rembered

His a Tip: if your at your Mum and Dad for Xmas (like Me) and not got your Xbox 360 you can check and he link the Item so it Saves to Get it on your Xbox 360 just Grab the Link sgin into and will confirmed ur Item and will Start downloading when you Xbox 360 sign into Xbox Live at Home... Easy as Pie..... Mmmmm Pies

So Ya abit of a Heads Up.... See Ya

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