Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Trials HD RAMP FAILS + Other Stuff

As You can tell I got Trial HD I'll say why in abit.... the Video is Me Failing on thus Ram it's Dead funny to Watch but I CBA to Put it on Youtube so it's a Facebook Exclusive Video Enjoy

Now the Reason why I got Trials HD is Because the Last Xbox Live's New Year Countdown is Battlefield 1943 for 600MSP but Sadly I got that Game but Luckly I got More Ponits now today I spent 2440MSP on Trials HD, Zuma and a Mickey Mouse Hat also gotten Where's Wally on Games For Windows.... So I have 1670MSP Left but Im putting 1200MSP for Prefect Dark on XBLA in JAN so Don't worry on That

Just A updated on My Microsoft Points but the Xbox Live's New Year Countdown was good I hope they do a Better on Next Year... So out of it I gotten 2010 Glasses, New Year Theme, Monkey Island and Mother Zeta (Fallout 3 DLC).... But I'm not Getting 3 lots of 2100 Microsoft Points that was Sick but hey was worth it.... I was off the Microsoft Points Drug 3 Months ago but TBH also I need to Start getting stuff on PSN =/ Would Like the LBP DLCz also Fat Princess

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