Wednesday, 7 April 2010

April Update 0.2 - FVIE QUID Can You Believe That

Yes indeedy I got something cool for FIVE QUID and that is a Limed Edition Prince Of Persia Steelbook now to me thats Rare.... at first I was thinking "I can't buy that Im saving up" and after thinking and Budgeting on Stuff then thought Hmmmm Why Not... So I got it and it looks nice in Blue and I have a Thing when it comes to Blue also the Artwork inside look Fantastic..... So I didn't play Prince Of Persia before... Not the Original, Not the 3D and Not Sands of Time Trilogy so it's My 1st Prince Of Persia Game.... well I did Play it from a Friend but not fully also I didn't know if I was going to get a Copy and I allways see it for £7-£10 but I was like "Hmmm I'll Wait" and Boy did I wait because I got the Limed Edition Prince Of Persia Steelbook and in good Time because the Easter Sales was Still on a Gamestation so ya Why not.... but ppl on My Dailybooth: Said it was Rubbish... Ok fine I know it's a Piss Easy Game and You don't Die and it's drop Price lots but give Me a Break I know the Game was been out for like 2 Year but I never Own a Copy Gzzzz..... Anywho eoungh say I got it End of and I spent hours on it still I got stuck because of a Gap that won't let Me Gab on... could be a Glitch and I try everything =/ but oh Well still a Good Game (ish for some ppl) for FIVE QUID

So Ya Small Update

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