Sunday, 11 April 2010

Worst F**king Week EVER!!!!!

Well someone had a bad week.... indeed for some reason my internet keeps disconnecting witch is Never good when Uploading a 10min Video I can never last for like an hour Online at the Mo... witch is bad... and whats wrost is it's effeting my Mood... witch is mega bad I take it out of everything and it's wrost when I post it on the internet
Also Im having problems with My Girlfriend now it comes a Time when your Girlfriend gose all kiddyish witch is normal for Laura because shes got Aspergers Syndrone.... But really “Nanny Mcphee and the Big Bang” I see her point but but to me that’s like taking my Sister and shes 9 but Laura is 19 I would like to see a Chick flick then that Crap but if it was with the Family and Kids thats fair but I really would like to see Tits, Gadgets, Explodes, Cars and CARD GAMES ON MOTORBIKES then Kiddy Crap.... but ya Im a 21 year old Guy I know Laura has mixed stuff and I have mixed stuff so we had a Big NAG Fight and I just had it with Life and it turned out to be a bad week also it’s be a few Months I’ll seen ppl Face to Face I only see Mum just to drop My Money off also my New Housemate has gone for a few days so I’ll been lonely and sure I can go out but I’m a Lazy ass =[ also I'll not seen Baker, Jesus and Cam in Months ¬¬ ya what you call friends to creer your pal up.... so I'll been a Internet whore and Socializing Online with Ray, Jamie, Ken, Ben, Louis and Kit but the Problem at the Mo I'll been disconnecting

so ya I SUCK at Life =[

And Of

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brat said...

there no fucking need to call laura 9 u imatur lil fucker