Wednesday, 21 April 2010

April Update 0.3 - The Final Cut Of Saving

So as you may have known in one of My Youtube Videos I gotten a Rock Band John Lennon Guitar also to top that off 2100MSP and I spent the points on a Rock Band Song Eric Cartman - Poker Face also I gotten Lady GaGa - Poker Face for Rock Band, L4D1 DLC, a Arcade Machine called “Outlaw” also a “Outlaw” Mascot for Game Room and thats it.... Also Saving MSP for the L4D2 DLC (Originally Saved Up) and 1200MSP for Yu-Gi-Oh just in case but just Today I regret not getting SSFIV because I spent the SSFIV Money on the Rock Band John Lennon Guitar and 2100MSP but some ppl are getting it now and I feel so regret not getting but oh well I bet I’ll see it for 20 odd Quid in a sale

Right the Final Cut of Saving now I’ll up for a month and regret not buying well saving but When I see a Bargain or too Like Tatsunoko Vs Capcom, Madworld, Prince Of Persia, Rock Band John Lennon Guitar and to top off with 2100MSP.... so Now Im left with Wario Ware D.I.Y, God Of War Trilogy and The Borderlands DLC Disc witch I can’t wait to Unbox but no Gameplay sorry because there’s lots on the internet at the mo lolz.... so I’ll let you guys know what Im doing in May so stay tuned

So a Update on the Final April Update see yaz

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