Tuesday, 20 April 2010

It's A Tlog??????

Hey Guys just thought I’ll do a Tlog (A Typing log).... that’s getting old school 1st Vlog then Alog what’s next “Glog” Playing a Game while talking lolz.... anywho the reason why Im doing this is because I got notting better to do on My site just thought I’ll give you a Update and I’ll say the same sort of things on my next Vlog.... First off still having internet problems but has found out that ppl in my area are using My internet because my internet works fully after 12am ish witch sucks because I need to have early night before my First day back at work also hate having the rest of the day getting randomly getting disconnected while Im doing something because Im typing this into word before posting because I just disconnected..... so I’ll hopefully get it sorted but also hopefully if someone could be assed to get my Netbook fixed I’ll use that because I know that would work or not because my Xbox, iPod Touch and DSi XL work fine just my Fucking Computer I give it a Defragg and a Virus Check also reseted the Modem and Wi-Fi rooter and still Notting =/ so THANKS INERNETS!!!!

So on the plus side Im still making Videos for you guys just NM Videos to do =/ but I still come up with Ideas but the L4D2 DLC Video is on the way the DLC is a go at Thursday April 22nd with Achievebles and will be doing Gameplay of it but I have to get up at 10am Get up, get it, download it, play it, recorded it, edited, render it, compress it and Upload it..*sigh* the things I do for you guys on Youtube but yet again I need early nights for work again so I will be doing a Video on that so I hoping to beat the rush like I did on the Skate 3 (Demo) Gameplay and maybe get some Subz but I get bad feedback because of My Actions anyways.... speaking of Subz I am 91 Subz away to 3000 and TBH I don’t see the Point because only 20% to 40% watch My Videos as in Like Vlogs and Other get 500 to 700 viewsbut if it’s like a Unboxing, Review or a Gameplay video I get driftnet ppl watching My videos also that’s why I did 2 Giveaway Videos TBH just get the Ture % of whos Subz and watching and I know I make too many Video but really I don’t see the point of NM watching My Videos but I still make videos because I know ppl Like my work and I love to it and sometime the time and effrt put in to it like My L4D2 DLC I will be doing I do but a lot of time and effrt I put in to My video... ya In ranting about my Work... But I will make a 3000th Subz Video just to say that’s and what I said on this post.... but dose ppl look on this Site Hmmmm lolz

anywho enough about Subz and Videos let’s talk about Capcom now Capcom did a event the “I don’t know about the Capcom Event Event” and WOW Marvel Vs Capcom 3 didn’t see that coming the trailer looks good and the MT Framework team that Made the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Engine are working on this Game and at first I thought it was the SFIV Engine but looking at the Comment the MT Framework team was the ppl that Made the Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Engine and Im so looking foward to this in 2011... ya it comes out next year sadly but will be worth the wait hope to be a good lots of charters to play maybe New charters might be Old charters but it’s something for the Fans.... also Other trailers like Lost Planet 2, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Dead Rising 2 and SSFIV so Capcom are doing good for today and the future for Capcom

So Ya bit of a Update letting you know how it’s hanging and got notting better to do in life just lonely most of My days, Fat and Single as I am Eating Crap and Playing Video Games also mostly on the internet and can’t go most of the internet because of My internet problem I’m having and Missing chating on Skype so chatting on Xbox Live abit more just NM ppl to talk on Xbox Live because most ppl have lifes as I have =/ and doing stuff on My Ipod more for twittering so Im fine and Danday just has trouble with life at the mo =/ anywho thats is all

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