Thursday, 1 April 2010

This War Not MW2


Stevie T History 101: Me and Adam used to be Friends in Grimsby College in Nov 2008 we Talk alot about Xbox and News about Xbox.... I liked the Guy Because he likes Xbox I like Xbox I'll not got Much Friends in Grimsby because I have Problems Socializing with Friends because of My Aspergers Syndrone So I showed him My Youtube Page and About Maybe getting Dazzle.... So he made a Youtube account Called "GamePlayUK" and got a Dazzle so I thought "He doesn't bother Me... But he dose some Good Videos I'll let My Subscribers Know his dose Good Videos" (Like I Normaly Do) ..... So a few Months Later I got a Dazzle and then Penny just drop..... because I show his Face one Youtube not being rivals but I did say about rivalling on My Dazzle Test Video but the Main thing is I showed his Face Only Because I just watched to let ppl Know who he is then a Few Hours I got Blocked from All contacts..... I said to him "Why you Blocked me" and a Week he Replayed "You showed my face you PEDO" and I was like WTF and all I did for him after all that with Shoutouts and Supporting him and to come to think about it he was not a Ture Friends and doesn't understand My Problems anyways

ok Straight to the Point...... I just check his Channel and he has a New setup with a New Background, Logo, Intro and Equipment also he dose MW2 Video to get More Subscribers I lol'd because hes Trying to be Like Pyropuncher and Sam5000i and He dons't Know about MW2 Youtube 101 about Pyropuncher and Sam5000i sure I don't mind Pyropuncher he dose Good Video but I just hate MW2 In genre sorry to Say..... so over all Adam has nearly 2000+ on Subscribers and I put Years and Hard work on over 900 Videos a Content I do and I don't understand why Im not getting much Subscribers over the Years =/ I just Like Buying Games over the Years and showing a Mixed some of Video Content on Youtube and I put hard work and Hours of Editing and Uploading and NM of my 2500+ Subscribers are Watching My Content witch is not fair for Me Because I try My best for Video Content to Entertain on Youtube...... I love Doing it don't get me Wrong but I hate it that the True amount of View I get that are not Special are around 500-600 Views many be Im not Entertaining enough or the fact is that they just Subscribed to me just for the Hell of it =/

So by all means UnSubscribe if you want I don't Care I try to go out and Socialize and see My GF I just have a Thing were I love Making Videos and Socializing with Online Frieinds and I go to work but can't have more hours because of My Benefits but I have a Life all that Adam dose is sit on his Gaming Chair and Plays on COCK OF DUCKY MOTHERFUCKING CRYWARE 2 and I know that because thats all that Adam dose and Has No Life and Im sick of MW2 and MW2 Videos on Youtube

So Ya RANT Over.... sorry to say this it's whats on My Mind at the Mo and Im sick of MW2 and the Fact that I put Years of Youtube and not Getting much out of it

Good Day =[


chineseyer said...

From the sounds of it, this Adam guy sounds like a right twat. If he just blocks you for showing his face on YouTube, then it's just retarded in all honesty. He must be really insecure if he doesn't want his face shown on YouTube, and he makes videos?

Anyway don't worry about how little of your subscribers watch your videos... Just remember that there will always be some that will watch them, including your family, and that's what counts, right?

Remember that parody you made a few weeks ago yeah? That got like 4K views didn't it? More than the subscribers you have... That means a bunch of people that weren't subscribers watched that video, as well as your unboxings of Pokemon HeartGold, DSi XL, etc. This Adam guy has a few videos like that, with over 100,000 views, and this attracted people to subscribe for more.

He only has a few videos with a bunch of views because of a popular title and lucky tags, with his Hitler video it got like 100,000 views only because he copied the idea from other people, so don't worry, this Adam guy is just another MW2 copycat, and I've seen a lot of these kind of gamers with like 50K subscribers, so he obviously isn't that good.

Your videos aren't copies, they're always different in some aspects, so you should be proud that you didn't get subscribers by doing a bunch of MW2 gameplay videos, since that's the craze right now for gamers. I personally have not played MW2, even though I have it sealed right now, but I don't see what people think is so good about them.

Anyway, to finish off, the Adam guy is a bitch for ditching you because of showing his face on YT, and that your a good entertainer... It's just some people know the latest gaming news already, and can't be bothered to see it being told to them, if you get what I mean. For someone who has Aspergers Syndrone, your an inspiration to everyone with it.

One last tip, the only way to get better views is to try and sneak a fast one, meaning to do a certain video before other people do it. I hope this wasn't boring and all, and that it helped you feel better, because remember, it's still 100-500 people watching your videos, which means a hell of a lot of computers needed.


P.S: Adam thinks he's ugly if he doesn't wanna show his face on YT (likely reason), or he's wanted for stealing MW2 (not very likely, he probably stole the money from his mother to buy it).

cky_sk8a said...

you should be grateful for your subscribers as i know i am i dont have many at all but fans are fans and im not just saying this but you are one of my fav youtubers even before stormdainproductions TBH ive noticed people who start to get lots of subscribers they turn arrogant and blatantly ignore comments that are asking a question steve your good as you are just stick to it man