Thursday, 1 July 2010

July Update 0.1 And iPhone 4

Hey Guys it's July 1st so it's time to say What I'll be doing this Month..... NM Really because all I would like to get as most of My Friends on Xbox Live are getting it and that is Crackdown 2 and I have Preordered the Limited Edition Steelbook for Preodering it from Gamestation and I can't wait to Unbox it for you Guys.... Also as I said on Vlog (137) that I'll seen Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360) for £20 and Kirby Super Star Ultra for £13 in GAME but sadly the Lost Planet 2 (Xbox 360) for £20 is GONE =[ but their is Kirby Super Star Ultra for £13 still there and I need to get it because 1) I don't see it in Grimsby 2) it's costs £25 in most shops but it's hard to find it in Grimsby and 3) it's £13 witch is a Good Price for a Rarely Priced Nintendo Game for £13 Preowned/Used... Nomarlly would be £25 Preowned/Used....... So Im taking £20 out of My Job Pay (I got £70) and Im not using the Rest XD XD XD You see Im going to start Saving for all Them Games that are coming out for the Rest of the Year.... because you got them Good Games also the Kinect and Move witch I don't think I'll be getting both but will See *Fingers Crossed* so I'll be Saving for the Next few Weeks

iPhone 4.... I did Say that My Mum said I can have one the reason being is because I never touch my ice account and My Mum Said like "well you got alot so Treat Yourself" so My Mum can let me have a iPhone Now Me and My Mum was going to get Me a iPhone and see what Deals they had but My Mum wanted a Pay As You Go and I would like a iPhone 4 then a iPhone 3Gs so the Lady at Orange say they will be Having Pay As You Go iPhone 4z in a Few Weeks and the Lady at Orange has my Mums Number and Orange will let My Mum Know as soon as they got Pay As You Go iPhone 4z and for Now just Looking forward to it..... Hopefully I get one =[ if not then I have to wait for Stocks or get a iPhone 3Gs but it would be nice to Have a 4 then a 3Gs and with the HD Video and Retina Display it can't say get a 4 then a 3Gs... so Im Looking forward to it I'll be getting it in a Few Weeks and I'll do a Unboxing as Soon As =]


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